Torrey Pines, San Diego, CA

I decided to take a trip with some friends to San Diego, CA to visit spots that we missed the first time we came. As a result, we ended up hiking Torrey Pines and relaxing on the beach. I realize that I have not been posting as much as I want to due to school, however, once I graduate, I will be sure to post more so be on the look out!

UCLA at Night

I haven’t posted in a while because unfortunately Spring break is over, so I decided to do a spontaneous walk around campus at night. I will most likely be taking more photos of campus in the near future because UCLA will soon be my alma mater. The campus looked like a different animal from during the day.

Rustic Symbolism

The city of Albany was scattered with symbolic imagery that caught my eye. It was just a matter of scavenging for these rare opportunities. I really enjoyed these types of scenes because there are all sorts of interpretations and perspectives that can be conceived from one singular image, and it is ultimately up to the eye of the beholder.