Why Ripple XRP Will Make Investors Very Wealthy

The Ripple hype has been crazy the past few weeks. The last time I posted about Ripple XRP, it was $0.70. Now, Ripple has doubled and is trending around $1.44 today. The question you may be asking yourself is why has it gone up so fast and if the boat has sailed. I personally stand firm in my position when I say Ripple XRP is still relatively cheap when taking into consideration its potential and bright future in the banking industry.

If you have been keeping up with Ripple news lately, you may have witnessed the crazy bump from $0.90 to $1.24 from the last few days. This was in part due to Ripple catching the attention of Wall Street and many investors worldwide. Watch how the Ripple CEO Explains Why His Digital Currency Can Transform Banking on CNBC recently.

Why I am confident in Ripple

In addition to the selling points I have mentioned in my previous blog post on Why I Invested in Ripple XRP, here are some more selling points from recent developments.

  1. Ripple has over 100 banking partnerships already set-up around the globe. To name a few, BBVA, Santander, UBS, UniCredit, MUFG, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank, SEB.
  2. The Bloomberg Terminal, the leading-industry software that professional investment bankers use for trading, have even incorporated Ripple XRP
  3. Ripple have overtaken Bitcoin Cash, becoming the third largest cryptocurrency (as of 12/28/2017)
  4. Many large media channels are embracing and mentioning Ripple XRP like Bloomberg and Fortune
  5. In my mind, Ripple XRP is still relatively hard to buy for the average investor so in other words it still hasn’t reached its maximum investor potential just yet
  6. Ripple XRP is still not listed on Coinbase, but rumors speculate that Ripple XRP will be added in the early months of 2018
  7. Get an open look at understanding the Ripple protocol from Ripple’s Chief Cryptographer, David Schwartz.
  8. Ripple XRP has lightning networks called payment channels that can match and scale transaction volumes at Visa levels. The payment channel is specifically designed for Ripple XRP and allows transaction throughput to increase to tens of thousands of transactions per second. Ripple XRP saw nearly 70K transactions with an average time of 3.7 seconds.
  9. Many cryptocurrency exchanges all over the globe are quickly adding Ripple XRP as a form of currency
  10. TechCrunch Founder Arrington raises a $100 Million Ripple XRP Hedge Fund

Ripple in my mind is a game changing product that will disrupt the banking industry. I truly believe it is still in its early stages and that it is not too late to buy in yet. The true potential of Ripple hitting mainstream has not yet been realized. However, it will happen much sooner than expected with the amount of exposure Ripple XRP and cryptocurrency is getting lately. At this very moment, I am constantly investing more of my surplus money into Ripple XRP even at its current pricing highs of $1.44. Of course, take my opinion for a grain of salt, until you do your own research. My very modest prediction is that Ripple XRP will break $3.50 at the end of the 2018 calendar year.

If you are still not sold on investing in Ripple XRP, then I don’t know what else to say than to see Ripple pricing from a few months from now. I will be the first one to tell you, “I told you so.”


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