Albert Fang

The Strong Case for Ripple XRP [Infographic]

It has been a while since I’ve posted about Ripple XRP. The last time I posted about Ripple XRP was January 6, 2018 on the piece called Why I am Bullish on Ripple XRP Solving the Cross-Border Payments Problem. Rest assured, I am still a Ripple supporter as much as the next guy. In light of the recent developments for Ripple XRP, and to prove that I am still an avid Ripple supporter, I decided to make another infographic. I hope you guys enjoy the graphic, and it is of some use for the community. All I ask is for you to attribute the infographic to my blog if you decide to use it. I hope it did not disappoint.

The Strong Case for Ripple XRP Infographic

Thanks again!