How Much Money Does Pewdiepie Make A Year?

Who is Pewdiepie?

Pewdiepie is one of the most famous You Tube creators in the world. Like many others, he uploads funny videos that sometimes go viral, but thanks to his large audience, he makes much more than the average YouTuber. He has the most popular YouTube channel on the platform, with close to 55 million subscribers who love to watch his videos as soon as he posts them. With this large following, he has managed to maintain his rank as most popular channel on YouTube for over five years. Thanks to his popularity, his videos have racked up billions of views, a feat that many You Tube creators can only dream about accomplishing.

How Pewdiepie Makes Money

Like all YouTube creators, he makes money based on the amount of people who watch his videos and the ads that may play before or during the video. Thanks to his widespread fame, he also makes money through sponsorships of his channel, public appearances at conventions and parties and commercials. He also has his own production company that makes money through producing videos, and through sales of his book. He is well known as an avid gamer, and can make money from particular game companies for featuring their game on his channel.

Case Studies

Many popular YouTubers make a living from uploading videos to the platform, but its estimated that no one makes quite as much as Pewdiepie does. For example, Lilly Singh, another popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers was estimated to earn $10 million in 2017.

Approximate Net Worth

It is difficult to give an approximate net worth because only one part of his income is publicly known. The money that he can earn from sponsorships, ads on his channel and product placements is certainly much more than the average You Tube creator, but no one can say for sure how much he makes from these sources. However, some reputable sources like the Wall Street Journal have reported that Pewdiepie made 15 million dollars in total from all sources in 2016. Forbes reported that his income for 2017 was 12 million dollars.

Fun Fact

Before deciding to drop out of school and pursue YouTube video creation full time, he was studying economics at university and planning a career in business. When he announced that he would be leaving school to become a YouTuber, his parents were very upset.

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