4 Productivity Apps I Can’t Live Without

A common question I get asked is what programs or applications I use to keep my life organized and stress-free when my work life is everything but calm. I am proud to share my secret productivity programs I use to this day. I use these programs on the regular to help maintain my composure when my life gets busy, busy, busy.

I try to operate as relaxed as I can be knowing that I have jotted down my important thoughts somewhere. My mindset is to tackle these thoughts one by one, day by day, and to go from there one step at a time. Productivity apps are what you make out of it. Thus, it helps to systemically make mini goals while approaching a difficult situation or conflict.

1. Evernote

I absolutely cannot live without Evernote. The tool lets me roam care-free without fear of forgetting thoughts on a whim. Ever since I started using the application, I am able to brainstorm and be more methodical in recording my thoughts. Although Evernote’s utility is simple in nature, the program does what it is designed to do – record keep. Evernote is a simplistic to-do list application that syncs across all devices.

2. Trello

When it comes to projects and collaborations, no doubt Trello is the best application to deal with work flow. Trello does an amazing job of being simplistic without sacrificing intuitive functionality. I highly recommend Trello for anyone dealing with projects or just setting goals. It is like a to-do list in Evernote but on steroids.

3. Spotify

Soothing music has no doubt played a part in calming my nerves during rough days. Thus, I always keep a playlist handy in situations to help uplift my mood. I view Spotify as a nice outlet that helps improve productivity by keeping myself focused and away from the white noise around my surroundings when I want to get work done.

4. Feedly

Feedly is a great web and mobile application to keep up to date with content providers. This makes reading new articles published within the industry easily accessible to anyone with a desktop or mobile phone. You will no longer require visiting each respective bookmarked site to check for new updates. Instead, Feedly keeps you updated of new content in a easy to read activity feed.

And there you have it. You now know my tried and true productivity applications I use to keep myself organized, efficient, and calm. Now I have a question for you all. What programs do you use to help improve your productivity?

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