How Much Money Does Jake Paul Make on YouTube?

Jake Paul is an social media personality, actor and comedian who has net over $11.5 million according to Forbes. Jake was born in Cleveland, Ohio and is brothers with Logan Paul. His brother is also a YouTube celebrity, but most recently gained massive attention for showing a dead body in one of his videos during his trip to Japan’s suicide forest. Jake first got his social media career launched when Vine was around in 2013. By the time Vine shut down, Jake had already amassed 5 million subscribers.

How does Jake Paul make money on YouTube?

YouTube pays video content creators depending on the amount of views videos receive. In simple terms, advertisers are willing to pay big bucks to display their advert creatives to video viewers. The fact that Jake Paul has over 16 million subscribers as of July 28, 2018 is absolutely nuts. Not to mention, Jake Paul has a number of other social media profiles that have a large following too. However, for the purpose of this post, the focus will be on his estimated YouTube earnings and how much Jake Paul makes per YouTube video on average.

Approximate annual pay & net worth

Jake Paul Net Worth

According to SocialBlade, Jake Paul makes an estimated minimum of $57,000 to $924,200 a month. Forbes has already confirmed that Jake Paul has surpassed over $11.5 million in 2017. Seeing that the CPM (cost per thousand view) can range up to $4 per thousand YouTube views, Jake Paul is most likely making much more than what has already been estimated from YouTube alone.

Sponsorship and merchandise that Jake Paul sells is not even included in this figure, which goes to show that being a video content creator can be very lucrative indeed.

Fun fact

Disney saw potential in Jake Paul and hired him to appear in a sitcom called, Bizaardvark. The partnership was short-lived once Disney had learned that Jake threw major parties that constantly disturbed the neighborhood, which didn’t fit with Disney’s interests.

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