4 Life Quotes or Mottos I Try to Live By

A question that I get sometimes is how am I calm, composed and collected about 80% of the time at 24 years old? The other 20%, let’s not talk about it. Just kidding, but what helps me keep my mojo is I try to follow certain principals or motto quotes that closely resonate with me to keep me grounded. I have found that just even repeatedly reminding myself about motto quotes has been instrumental in keeping my nerves in check and to keep every situation always in perspective, no matter how dire.

My criteria for selecting motto quotes

What has worked for me is reflecting on my personal values first and then attempting to find or make up motto quotes that closely aligns with my same values. In a way, this life hack is sort of like a meditation ritual that I do that I have found helped me keep my cool and have my thoughts gathered more times than not. Five minutes before a presentation and your heart is pounding like a drum? In-person interview where you are asked a oddball question out of the blue? There have been so many incidents that this small ritual has kept me in check and saved me from the thought of the worst possible outcome. Now, this life hack may not work for everyone, but it has definitely work for me.

“Be humble.”

You may often see “be humble” or “be grateful” be used a lot, however, I have found that it has helped me keep my circumstances and situations always in check from a unique lens. If I am riled up or angsty, I try to remind myself that what I am thinking at this very moment may be emotional and what I will be thinking about in the next 24 hours may be drastically different. I have found that the quote, “be humble,” has definitely kept my emotions in check. Moreover, I have found that being humble goes a long way as Selena Gomez would like to say, “Kill em with kindness!”

“Don’t sweat the small things.”

You are your hardest critic truth be told. At least for me anyways. By having this mindset of “not sweating the small things” when a situation goes sour, it has me often asking the question of why? For example, I may have put a typo in a presentation and may have thought it was the end of the world, but why? Why should I be embarrassed if next time around I won’t make the same mistake? All in all, I would come to the rational conclusion that there are worst situations than a typo on a presentation – or at least I hope so even though at that heated moment it may not seem like it.


There has been a study that often gets passed around that people are more fearful of public speaking or presenting than dying. I would like to keep my life intact because I feel like I have a lot of things going for me. But in all seriousness, I have found that by changing the approach of a serious situation like a job interview, presentation, company networking event, and treating it as a “conversation,” have worked wonders in keeping my nerves at bay. Again, it is all about the mindset and approach. Prepare, but ultimately, don’t overthink!

“Take it day by day”

Set mini goals or use a productivity app that keeps you in check to make your workflow more efficient. I highly recommend using an app in Trello or Evernote to help organize your thoughts. I have found that by using a productivity app, my days have been seemingly less stressful and more organized. The main benefit of looking at things day by day is that eventually all these mini goals will accumulate to reach a milestone in the bigger picture. I have found I actually am more productive with better workflow and prioritization. Again, it is all about the approach or mindset, at least for me because I am simple minded.

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