What is the Highest Credit Score You Can Get

When people think about credit cards, curiosity gets the best of them and the question of “what is the highest credit score you can get” often dawns the mind.

Fear not, the answer you are looking for is: the highest credit score varies depending on the credit bureau, but the credit score scale is typically 850.

Is it possible to get a 850 credit score?

The only way to obtain the perfect credit score of 850 is very dependent on your spending habits and circumstances. Because of the nature of credit score often fluctuates depending on card utilization, spend, hard inquiries, and among other factors, obtaining a perfect credit score is rare. However, any score above 750 is typically a great score. Anything above is traditionally very good credit territory.

Do I absolutely need a perfect credit score?

The answer is no. Credit scores are typically dealt with in ranges. Depending on which spectrum you fall under in the numerical credit score range, you will be deemed of having an excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor credit score. In other words, once you fall under a certain range, there is no additional gain from credit number increments.

Credit Score Ranges Credit Score
Excellent Credit 800 & above
Very Good Credit 740 – 799
Good Credit 670 – 739
Fair Credit 580 – 669
Poor Credit 580 & below

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