What is BitShares (BTS) for Dummies | BitShares Potential Value


What is Bitshares? Many cryptocurrencies are targeted at improving aspects of the current financial system—payments, contracts, speed, privacy—but Bitshares (BTS) aims to have it all: a universal asset exchange equivalent to something like the NASDAQ, a price-stable cryptocurrency, a lightning-fast transaction network, a corporate finance platform, and more. Bitshares has a lot of complex layers, […]

What is Bytecoin (BCN) for Dummies | Bytecoin Potential Value


What is Bytecoin? Though it has recently experienced a resurgence of interest, Bytecoin (BCN) has been largely stuck on the sidelines since its creation in 2012. Nonetheless, it is one of the earliest cryptocurrencies developed and is the first to be based on the Cryptonote protocol—a technology also used by its more successful heir, Monero. […]