Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs for Financial Advice (2018 Edition)

A common question I get asked is where I read up on all this material on personal finance and how I am able to still have the brain power to breakdown the jargon into sentences that people can understand. I am here to tell you that it was rather easy with the guidance and assistance of many of these wonderful blogs in the personal finance community on the web. The time dedicated for each individual blog has had a ripple effect over the years. Thanks to the efforts of every contributor in the personal finance community, finding sound financial advice is no longer a bore or a mystery to the average Joe.

Thus, I wanted to take the time to recognize some of the most popular running personal finance blogs that I highly recommend checking out. So without any particular order, here is the list!

Most popular personal finance blogs

Blog name Founded What I love about it
Get Rich Slowly  2006  Slow n’ steady wins the race
Wise Bread  2006  Always been an authority figure in personal finance
Dough Roller  2007  Loved it then, love it now
Mr. Money Mustache  2011  Edgy blog about finance, loved by Reddit
The Simple Dollar  2006  Been around for decades
NerdWallet  2009  The bread and butter
jlcollinsnh  2013  “The Simple Path to Wealth” slogan says it all
Wall Street Oasis  2007  Finances in the lens of bankers
The Penny Hoarders  2010  Love the simplistic nature of the site
ThreeThriftyGuys  2010  Just you know, three thrifty guys blogging together
The Frugal Girl  2008  Frugal living at its finest
The College Investor  2009  Love that the demographic resonates well for me
Moolanomy  2007  Place in my heart since my early days of my old blog
Money Under 30  2006  Money under 30, sounds good to me!
Money Crashers  2006  Popular blog on anything pertaining to money
Consumerist  2000  Blog has held its own against touchy subjects
The Krazy Coupon Lady  2009  Pays to coupon. A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
The Points Guy  2009  The man that made owning 15 credit cards popular
Money Saving Mom  2007  A personal finance blog with some character!
Seed Time  2007  Originally known as Christian Personal Finance
Budgets Are Sexy  2008  You know what, budgets are sexy.
MoneyTalksNews  2007  News about anything money related
Making Sense of Cents  2012  Work-at-home, own boss mentality that works!
Modest Money  2012  Humble beginnings on personal finance
Good Financial Cents  2008  My two cents, love the name. More so the content!
Penny Pinchin Mom  2010  Pays to count your pennies, you know?
I Will Teach You to Be Rich  2004  Investing and getting rich made simple
GoBankingRates  2008  How low can they go (interest rates)?
Money Ning  2007  Blogging since 2007. OG.
Man vs Debt  2009  I reckon man will prevail or at least I hope so
And Then We Saved  2011  How saving goes a long way for financial freedom
Frugalwoods  2014  Financial independence and simple living
Natalie Bacon  2015  Once an excessive spender, now converted!
Life Hacker  2004  Love the simple life hacks that make my days easier
Oblivious Investor  2008  Sees what the average investor does not
Squawk Fox  2007  “Where money is sexy, delicious, and fun”
Disease Called Debt  2013  Breaking free from debt and experiencing enrichment
Stefanie O’Connell  2009  Money savvy tips from an established face
Money After Graduation  2012  Love that blogging has no boundaries
Wealth Pilgrim  2009  “No Money Worries, No Matter What”
Give Me Back My Five Bucks  2010  Love the blog name. More so the content.
Couple Money  2009  Unique twist of personal finance tailored to couples
Wallet Hacks  2014  The original owner of Bargaineering back at it
The Dividend Guy  2005  Who doesn’t love dividends and free money?
Don’t Quit Your Day Job  1997  Been around since the dotcom boom. Says it all
Sure Dividend  2014  Quality content with an uncharacteristic design to remember

I hope the list did not disappoint! I want to reiterate that the list is organized in no particular order. The personal finance blogs were simply hand-picked by me. These personal finance blogs have stood the test of time and are still kicking. As a personal finance blogger getting back into the game, that is dedication.

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